#1st question to God; Lord, Why You create poor and rich people?

Yesterday, at Tuesday afternoon when I was on my way to go home, I saw a man walking through the rain without any raincoat or umbrella. He  brought some furniture made of bamboo in his back and I know that he want to sell that luggage. I saw he was so tired and his clothes getting fully wet.

As usual, I always have big questions about people like that. How much money he get everyday? Is it quite enough for him? Does he has children? Are they school? etc. At the rest of my way to home is full with questions like that.

After I got home, I sit for a while and remember this morning. I stared the man who sold vegetables with his wagon. He wait his customer alone. I usually saw him surrounded by another housewife who buy his vegetables. But now he was alone. I don’t know am I start to go to my office too early or too late so I didn’t see his customer. But in this morning, I could see his lonely face.

About 100 meters from him, I saw another man who sell “bubur ayam”. He always stops in some spot along my way to my office and knocking his bowl to call his buyer. He is about 40 years old, but I don’t know the reason why he seems older than his age.

There’s a question appearing on my mind. Why do You create people poor n rich God? I still don’t understand about your destiny. Sometimes I wanna cry when I see people like the 1st man I saw above. It’s remind me about my grandfather who usually sell webbing from bamboo and walking around  the village. That’s not fair when rich people spend their money only for unimportant things when others have no money to eat.  Why they don’t give part of their money to others? Seems like they deserve all of the riches they have only for them. Whereas God has say that “There are part of poor people in your riches”

God, please always remind me not to spend my money only for my private needs. 😦

photo source: foto.antarajatim.com


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