Kinds of Scholarships for Forestry

Hello world …. 😀

How are you today? It’s a long time I didn’t visit my blog. Yeah, bury I am… LOL No, it was because a long holiday I got so I didn’t do interaction with internet for some weeks.

Alright, today I wanna tell you all about scholarship, specially in Forestry (because i am an forester right? 🙂 ). Actually it was too late for me to become a scholarship hunter after I was already in 4th years in my college. Internet has influenced the spread of information around the world, and after I could access the internet everyday, i became know about kinds of scholarship for my major and of course the requirements too.

Each scholarships have the different time and terms for their recruitment. But most of them open in the end of the following year, for example Erasmus, PRESTASI, etc.

And let’s now start from the first:

1. ADS (Australian development scholarship program)

ADS usually opened on March/June and closed on August. In this year, the deadline was on August 17th 2012. ADS opened for master degree or Phd. ADS has 3 categories target, public, open, and targeted category. Public means the applicants coming from public sector like civil servant or teacher or lecturer. Open category is purposed for applicants from private company or lecturer/teacher from private university/school. Targeted category is for applicants who work in the institution/company which have an agreement or cooperation with ADS, and also people from special historical background describes by ADS or people from remote province (Papua, Sulawesi).

ADS is like a universe scholarship because all of people in Indonesia can apply it and this scholar becomes very popular.

The common requirements are:

1. GPA min 2,75

2. TOEFL ITP min 500, IBT 61, IELTS 5,0

Of course there are other requirements like copy of citizenship, birth certificate, transcript, and the others.

Because ADS only receive applicants in limited major, so you have to make sure that in that year ADS accept your major. ADS change his specific major every period, so the focus major in this year and next year can be different.  ADS require a lower English proficiency, but in the next selection process, the applicant who pass the doc selection will get interview test and an IELTS test.

For further information click on


ERASMUS has 3 program in forestry, Sustainable forest management (Sufonama), sustainable tropical forest (sutrofor), and mediterania forestry (medfor). For more information you can aces the website

This scholarship I think will be very interesting because they offer double degree program in Europe. But, the more exciting, the more difficult the requirements. You have to send the app form directly to DENMARK (the office of sufonama,sutrofor,medfor)!!! Other scholarship announce to apply online or maybe sent to the embassy. So, this Erasmus is really trouble some. And also the reference letter must be sent directly from the referee by post/email. The english proficiency used is an international test, so we can not use ITP TOEFL for this.


Prestasi is an scholarship offered by US Agency International Development. We just apply the scholarship to the embassy of USA, and if we are accepted, they will  search an appropriate universities and registering us to them. Its very simple right? The min TOEFL score we need is 450!!! SO everybody can apply this scholar. There are 6 month languange training after selection in Indonesia, and in the end of training we should take a IBT TOEFL.

Click on for further information


This scholarship coming from Netherlands and targeted for mid-career people. A civil servant will got more chance to be accepted. Only people who already have an Letter of Acceptance from Holland University are encourage to apply.

5. Beasiswa Unggulan Luar negeri -DIKTI

It is offered by the Ministry of Education, Indonesia. If you are lecturer candidate, you really possible to apply beside you must have an LoA before. You can prove that you are a lecturer candidate by completion a letter from your university that you will work there after you graduate from your master/PhD degree.

6. Fullbright

This sholarship is from USA

7. Mobukagakusho

From Japan

8. Korean Government Scholarship program (KGSP)

From Korean Government. You can apply via Korean embassy or directly to Korean Univ.




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