About Me

G’day all!

Just call me Puji, an Indonesian, living in the greater Jakarta. I am not a scientist, of course not. I am just an adventures seeker who has been masquerading as a scholarship hunter. Also passionate about tropical forestry, terrestrial ecology, and have a very small amount of writing sense

I enjoy a private moment with my playlist, cooking, reading, traveling, and contemplating (maybe).

thanks for everyone who has visited my blog! Enjoy!





  1. Hi,
    Currently I am looking form information concerning forestry in Indonesia, I’ve read (via translator) your post concerning tree measuring, as other posts it was very interesting, is it possible to contact with you by e-mail?

    Best Regards

  2. Kak boleh minta ajari cara detail untuk menghitung dengan Standarisasi Indeks Morisita? Soalnya penelitian skripsi pakai itu dan kelihatannya tidak ada yang bisa mengajari saya lebih detail tentang itu di kampus kak. Terima kasih kak

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